How To Optimize Your Musical Performance and Become a Successful Musician

Seminar for musicians conducted by Giorgio Fabbri with Isabella Fabbri

Seminar in Music Conservatoire of Foggia (Italy)
Seminar in Music Conservatoire of Foggia (Italy)



The seminar  provides innovative techniques to enhance one's music performance and prepare young musicians for the world of work, now particularly hard to approach because of the recent international economic crisis.


The goal is to help students and graduated to:

  • study and learn in a much quicker and effective way;
  • manage time according to one's goals;
  • cope with negative emotional states before an exam or concert;
  • increase one's self esteem and enhance strong points;
  • develop and promote one's specific professional identity;
  • manage pessimism and discouragement when facing the music work environment;
  • act efficient strategies of self-employment and professional renewal.



Seminar in Music Conservatoire of ADRIA (Italy)
Seminar in Music Conservatoire of ADRIA (Italy)



I no longer feel as I'm in a tunnel with no way out. Thanks.

Norma Di Leo


It was a fantastic course, I am really happy I got the chance to attend this interesting and involving seminar.

Dario Saverio Doronzo



These courses should be done more often, not only as a master class, but being part of a steady training in music academies, universities or the like, as part of a professional training.

Stefano Capasso