Resilient Leadership

Jazz band as a model of excellence for the management of change

If you want to learn to develop resilience and manage the uncertainty of change, the jazz musicians are an excellent model.


They get on stage without knowing what they will play but, rather than be frightened by the unexpected,

they are fascinated by that.


Responding to problems without a plan and with no certainty on results is what excites them.


Jazz musicians, like today's leaders and managers:

• are forced to work in a chaotic and troubled environment;

• must be able to quickly make up their minds, as they are irreversible;

• are highly interdependent when dealing with problems;

• are successful if they positively face the most difficult situations.



Their strategies become a very effective model to improve performance and achieve

results even in times of crisis and great change.


The workshop offers innovative tools and techniques to develop resilience and favor a flexible decision making process which can be adapted to the ongoing changing scenarios modernity brings.



The workshop is for those who take part on various degree to the decision making process which, time and time again, must be developed in very little time and whose effects are often irreversible.