Giorgio Fabbri

Giorgio Fabbri curriculum

Born in Italy in 1955, is a musician, (orchestra conductor, performer and composer), a corporate and personal trainer, and an adjunct professor at the University of Ferrara.


His experience joins in a singular and unique way expertise in music, management and training.


He has played in hundreds of music events around the world (Italy, Europe, Japan and U.S.A.), alongside artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Mirella Freni, Carla Fracci, and theater actors such as Arnoldo Foà, Moni Ovadia, Ottavia Piccolo Paola Pitagora, Michele Placido, Claudia Koll, with prizes in international competitions and several recordings (Sony, Tactus, Brilliant).

For twelve years, from 1998 to 2010, he was Director of two different National Music Academies, in Ferrara and Adria.


It’s professor since 2007 at Ferrara University in Neurology Department, in University Postgraduate Course "Motor Activity Promotion in Neurology" and since 2013 at University Postgraduate Course "Music and Music Therapy in Neurology", which is co-director.


He is currently formalizing the position of Distinguished Scholar and Professor at the University of Ferrara.


It’s coordinator in "Maximizing Performance" department, in "Music and Medicine" project, designed by University of Padua, University of Ferrara and Adria, Ferrara and Padua Music Academies.


It’s Professor of Harmony’s Theory and Music Analysis, Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, and Communication Techniques at Italian National Music Academies.


It’s teaching in the projects "Future Leaders for the World" and "A Dream for the World", directed by Stefano D'Anna.


Since 2008 he has dedicated himself to the study and development of a particular model that joins music and leadership, to be used in the areas of personal and professional empowerment,. That work resulted in a first theoretical model, named Music Mind System© and then in “Sound Genius©” method, specifically targeted to leadership and management training, with applications in personal and professional development.


Since 2009, over 17.000 people came in contact with Sound Genius method in more then 700 courses or events in meetings and conventions, conducted by Giorgio Fabbri in Universities (Ferrara, Siena, Padua, Naples, Florence, Rome Luiss University, Milan University Polytechnic), or Corporate Public and Private Organizations and International Brands (for ex. Wind, Bayer, Abbott, Sanofi-Avensis, Calzedonia, Wella, Davines, etc.).


He has taught his project about Leadership and Music in University Special Projects, such as Master “Architects of Learning” by Rome Luiss University Business School or in Executive Master “Emotional Education” at CTC - Centre for Management Training and Business Management of the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna.


It’s Holistic Trainer, recognized by National Council of Economy and Labour of the Italian State. He knows and masters, as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming, a wide variety of energy balancing techniques and has acquired the following professional certifications:

  • NLP Practitioner, (certified by American Union of Neuro - Linguistic Programmation)
  • Mixing Phosphenic (certified by International Institute of Phosphenology)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (certified by EFT-Italy)
  • Psych-Plus (certified by technique founder)
  • Crystal Quantum Therapy (certified by technique founder)
  • PEAT (certified by technique co-founder)

He's President of NoiCoach - professional coach association.


It’s member of following associations:

  • AIF (Italian Association of Trainers)
  • University of People;
  • Italian Confederation for Health Promotion      


He has published the following books:

• "Like an Orchestra” - Play together to grow together", with a presentation by Salvatore Accardo, Franco Angeli Publisher 2010

• "Well-being at work and quality of relationships", curated by Enrico Cheli and Ilaria Buccioni, Aracne Publisher 2011

• "Dare the Future - A New Paradigm to exit by uncertainty”, curated by Ilaria Buccioni and Anna Maria Palma, Aracne Publisher 2012