How to dramatically improve memory, attention and creativity

with Phosphenic Mixing Technique

Do you experience a low performance or unsatisfying results in your studies?


Do you have some educational lack?


Are you a musician willing to improve your memory and emotional balance skills during performances? 

Are you a professional of creativity?

Do you want to improve the creativity power of your ideas?


This project can really help you a great deal!



The course is based on an innovative, extremely effective method – the phospheric mixing.

A simple yet very powerful technique, as those who use it can confirm.
Giorgio Fabbri is one of the few Italian certified trainers for this discipline.


During the course you will learn to use Phosphenic Mixing to:


• learn a long writing, a music score or an exam by heart

• learn a foreign language with a good accent

• improve your skills in mathematics

• improve your creative skills when talking about something

• improve your focus and concentration

• easily write texts and essays

• increase your creativity and the production of new ideas 






 wanted to thank you for teaching me the phospheric mixing. It dramatically improved the quality of my life, I study in less time with better results, I perfectly remember tunes I hadn't played in months, studying makes me less tired and I can keep my focus for a longer time, having more leisure time.

Andrea Fiori